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Wait for the dawn
with the shepherds’ stories

Borgo Giallonardo in Realmonte, in the sicilian countryside near Agrigento, gives you the opportunity to experience for a couple of hours the local shepherds’ lives, listening to their stories and taking part to their activities.

Waking up before the sunrise, when the darkness of the night is slowly leaving its place to the sunlight, is an essential part of this experience. You will witness, starting from the sunrise, a unique atmosphere suspended in time. Booking is required to participate.

Freshly drawn milk and cheeses

The guests who will sign up for this visit will be guided by the shepherd to the stable and they will discover the main characters of this experience: the sheep and the typical Agrigento’s goat, called “capra giurgintana”.
The shepherd will explain how to milk the sheep by hand and you can even experiment this noble and ancient activity. Afterwards, the shepherd will explain how the milk’s quality – combined with the right manual skills – is key to produce great cheeses and the ricotta cheese, which combined to sugar and cinnamon, becomes the inimitable filling of the siclian cannolo. The experience ends with a cheese tasting of our own production, a joy for the palate, in a relaxed atmosphere.


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