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The spectacular display of twinkling stars

Borgo Giallonardo, boutique hotel and wine estate in Realmonte, is aware of topics related to ecology and is actively respecting the nature’s rhythms and cycles.
Thanks to its privileged location in the hearth of the sicilian countryside and to its choices related to the lighting of the hotel, Borgo Giallonardo is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful starry sky, far from the city’s pollution.

The sky above Borgo Giallonardo will gives you the opportunity to observe and take pictures of celestial phenomena at any time of the year, but especially during the summer.
The experience of astronomical observation outdoor, guided by an expert of the field, will be a wonderful and unique experience to explore the sky’s mysteries.
Take the opportunity to spend a night looking upward with your family or your partner and enjoy the spectacular display of twinkling stars.

* The astronomic observatory with guide is available upon booking and is for at least four people.


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