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At approximately 20 kilometres from Borgo Giallonardo boutique hotel there is Pirandello’s “Girgenti”, land full of archaeological and cultural wealth and stunning landscapes.

Hellenistic land of almond blossoms and literary greats who lived and describes these places. Agrigento presents a suggestive landscape where time has stopped.
Agrigento, which was founded by the Greeks around 580 B.C. and afterwards destroyed by the Carthaginians in 406 B.C., represents one of the biggest and most important archaeological sites in Sicily and in the world.

The Greeks named the city “Akragas”, afterwards the Romans named it “Agrigentum” and finally the Arabs called it “Kerkent”. But the name that lasted the longest was “Girgenti”, given by the Normans. Today “Girgenti” is the official name of Agrigento’s old town.

The Valley of the Temples

Agrigento, one of the most beautiful sicilian cities, was the Nobel prize Luigi Pirandello’s birthplace. Pindar described it as “the most beautiful mortal city” and Goethe illustrated its beauty during his Tour in 1786.
But Agrigento is famous worldwide especially because of the “Valley of the Temples”. This archaeological site is located on a large hill facing Agrigento’s sea. The archaeological site, dating from the Greek Civilization, is the largest one in the world and offers an itinerary which shows the rests of the ancient Akragas, which consist in twelve Doric temples, some of which still in perfect condition, hydraulic engineering works like the Kolymbetra garden, the hypogeum, the upper and lower “Agorà”.

The Almond Blossom

One of the most important festivals linked to Agrigento’s territory is the Almond Blossom one. A folkloristic festival which is celebrated every year during the beginning of March and it lasts for approximately a week in a joyful alternation of events and parades.
People from Agrigento celebrate the arrival of spring, which is metaphorically a return to life, which is symbolised by the blossoming of the almond trees.
The Almond Blossom festival, in which folkloristic groups from all over the world take part, has become an event which shares ecumenic values and messages of peace and solidarity. It starts with a visit at sunset to the Valley of the Temples and it’s followed by a “friendship torch” in front of the Temple of Concord.


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